Kedah Rainforest is a natural forest area that is part of the Leuser National Park, and is located in the Gayo Lues district. Kedah Rainforest has a high diversity of species, including endemic species of Sumatra. Among Gibbons, Tigers, Orangutans, B ears and other mammal species. Besides that, this place is also a potential habitat for various bird species, both from lowland and highland species. Such as Hills Partridge, Blue-leaf Mask Bird, Laughingthrush Sumatra, Sumatra Peacock, Sumatran frogmouth, Shiny Breasted Whislingthrush and many other species of birds that we find interesting.

Expedition Leuser Mountain (Mr.Jally|Kedah Rainforest Lodges)

Kedah Rainforest is also one of the largest Orangutan habitats in Sumatra. Until now the orangutan’s natural habitat is still well preserved so that their habituation level is still small. In Kedah we can see their activities such as foraging, nesting and other activities. According to local guides they have seen more than 30 orangutans eating fruit in one place at the same time.

Sumatran Orangutan along with his child (Tedi Wahyudi|LetsBirding)

Besides Kedah Rainforest is a gateway to Mount Leuser, the highest mountain in Sumatra with an altitude of 3446 m. The mountain is taken almost 6-7 days journey to get to the highest top of Mount Leuser. This is caused, we have to pass through forests that are still maintained naturalness, and many hills and valleys are quite high and steep. But the effort is so long and tiring will disappear when we enjoy the beauty and natural charm along the journey.

Camping on the Leuser mountain trail (Mr.Jally|Keudah Rainforest Logdes)

Kedah Rainforest there is also a lodge which is managed by local residents who are usually called Mr. Jally. Mr. Jally is the lead guide at Blangkeujeren and he is a very professional person. he became a guide from when it was still easy until now and he is a teacher of many guides in Blangkeujeren. In addition, Mr.Jally is a person with a conservation spirit, and a forest guard who is highly dedicated.

Mr. Jally being with a guest (Mr. Jally|Kedah Rainforest Lodges)

If you are interested in traveling and want to feel the sensation of adventure and natural beauty with tour packages on offer. You can make a flight from Medan (KNO) to Takengon (TXE) and then continue the journey for 4 hours to Kedah. In addition you can also make a flight from Medan (KNO) to Kutacane (KTC) and then continue the 3.5 hour trip to Blangkejeren. Alternatively you can travel from Medan to Blangkejeren using the Bus for approximately 14 hours.

Tedi Wahyudi|LetsBirding.

The Beauty of Kedah Rainforest.
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