Bird watching or Birding is one of the most interesting and unique activities. This activity is carried out by bird watching in nature using the naked eye or aids such as, binocular, monocular or the like. Sometimes this hobby often prioritizes hearing, because bird species are sometimes more easily detected and identified by sound. In this Bird watching or Birding activity we can observe the daily activities of birds such as foraging, flying, nesting and mating or even just identifying the species.

In some countries Bird watching or Birding has become a hobby that is very popular by various levels of society, besides this activity is also seen as a recreation, so many of them are willing to spend money to enjoy activities like this. Therefore Let’sBerding offers several interesting and easily accessible places in Sumatra to support Bird watching or Birding activities in Indonesia.

Sumatran Woodpecker, Endemic species of Sumatra that are difficult to find (Tedi Wahyudi|LB)

Bird watching or Birding is one of the conservation efforts to monitor the condition of the population and threats to bird habitat, especially Sumatran endemic birds. Sumatra has approximately 583 species of which 25 species are endemic to Sumatra, such as Sumatran Ground Cuckoo which spreads from northern Sumatra to the middle of the island, Aceh Bulbul which is only found in the northern part of Sumatra and many other species are interesting to observe.

Sumatran Laughingthrush, due to the high level of poaching makes the Sumatran endemic population significantly decreased. (Tedi Wahyudi, LB)

Currently Sumatra has lost 7.5 million hectares of forest between 1990 and 2010, where most of the forest lost was secondary forest which was depleted due to illegal logging. The high rate of deforestation impacts on loss of bird habitat, plus the high level of poaching to meet market demand has resulted in a significant and worrying decline in the population of Sumatran birds.

the hope for the future with the development of a Birdwatching or Birding hobby in Indonesia, especially in Sumatra, will be able to continuously monitor the state of bird populations, especially endemic species in Indonesia.

Tedi Wahyudi|Let’sBirding

Birdwatching As a Means of Monitoring Animals in Nature.

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